Brand apathy is the biggest challenge facing companies today. A brand is a promise to customers. It’s no wonder so many customers are sick of marketing and fed up with your brand’s lackluster delivery: while your marketing team advertises one promise, your operations team is delivering something different. Culture Hacker reprograms company code so that your culture supports the desired customer experience and honors your brand’s promise. It closes the gap between the expectations your marketing team creates in customers and the delivery they actually receive from your team.

Culture Hacker inspires people to deliver on their brand promise through the right mindsets and attitudes; it creates a cohesive company culture that team members thrive on. It reprograms cultural mechanisms such as selection, orientation, training, communication and leadership. It is a comprehensive approach to aligning your internal brand with your external one. Culture Hacker is about standing out in the sea of sameness that dominates so many industries today.

Culture has now become the most important ingredient in your brand’s reputation. In a world where products, processes and environments are all the same, it is the people who are determining whether or not customers become raving fans and brand advocates. Your company code is the most important element in delivering a differentiated and positive experience to customers. But how can you inspire your people to want to deliver excellent customer experiences and to uphold the brand promise? It’s your job to make them want to do it, and you must ensure they have the right attitudes and mindsets to care for your customers as well.

By utilizing the Culture Hacker philosophy developed by Shane Green, you can align your team members with your brand promise through the correct mindsets and attitudes. This philosophy utilizes over 25 years of experience in the hospitality, retail, automotive and service industries. Shane’s insights and expertise have made him one of the most sought-after consultants by customer experience, marketing, human resource and operations teams. He reprograms and inspires teams to deliver on your brand’s promise.